Seatbelt Time

Buckle in till the end

It is “seatbelt time,” that brief span of two weeks or less when classes still meet, but everyone knows that they are sooooo done with straining over the disciplines of school. When assigning homework brings a roll of the eyes of every student, and teachers are going through the motions while grinding their teeth, you know the jig is up because teachers walk into the teachers’ lounge asking, “Is it June yet?”

Well, it is here. My insight lends me to regroup, change plans, shake it up, and do those things the students have been clamoring to do. Skits, outings, art projects, are a few of my tools. I’d even made a classroom set of Roman numeral Bingo cards, and I think we’ll have some more practice the last few days.

Noticing that a few of my middle school students’ handwriting could be described as atrocious, they will get coached and practice some calligraphy using an italic font and a bulk of pens I’d ordered from Amazon specifically for these seatbelt days.

With May having AP exams, other standardized tests, field trips, field days, and senior ditch days as acceptable distractions from the regimen of learning, it is time to take the foot off the pedal and evolve into a stunt driver of new and alternative curriculum.

Always keep them guessing, and try to preserve their joy in gaining new skills, developing their social-emotional development, and building their confidence to explore a vast ocean of knowledge. Here’s to hoping for summer and the cry of “school’s out!”