The Future of Education Includes Self-Care

Education is what other people do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself.” (p. 167).

The future of education must address the unmet needs of companies who seek employees with both math and social skills, and the struggle of teachers to care for their selves.

Responding to educators’ needs in juggling their students’ job market preparation and their own self-care, I will be presenting at the upcoming ISNA Education Forum.

Based on books and articles, and apps I have used, my session is backed by research and my own experiences. As an experienced educator and administrator in a parochial school, I know the struggle between keeping tuition rates low, to accommodate middle and lower socioeconomic families, and teachers not being able to afford healthcare, domestic help, and niceties like new clothes, shoes, restaurants, and vacations, unless their salaries are supplemented with additional income. It is also a problem when teachers and administrators give many years of service to their community and then have no capitalization for retirement. That is why it is imperative to invest in self-care.

Exploring the topic from spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional perspectives, we will examine priorities and craft a plan to realize that as givers, we have to give ourselves permission to be responsible and designate our boundaries in the interest of self-preservation.

My business has opened new glimpses into what education, optimized entrepreneurship, and investment opportunities will be in the future, and it is only beginning.

That is why we will explore how teachers can start a paradigm shift to meet that future in a wholistic capacity to serve while not depleting themselves in the process.

“Education is what other people do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself.” –From Whiplash: How to survive our faster future by Joi Ito (MIT Lab) and Jeff Howe

5 thoughts on “The Future of Education Includes Self-Care

  1. Dear sir
    We are the Jenin Creative Cultural Center
    Are interested in your programs and looking to to have joint future cooperation if possible
    Looking to hear from you
    Best wishes


    • Assalamu Alaikum, I believe we connected a few years ago. Please visit my website if you would consider me to prepare a program and arrange for me to visit Jenin.


      • Dear Susan.
        I am very glad hearing from you.Many thanks for your interests in doing somthing in Jenin.
        Please can you send me your CV.with all the details of your plans,your traget groups.
        How long you can stay here ?when you are able to come?
        Whats needed from us to do?
        Please write me on
        Looking to hear from
        Director of J3C


      • Walaykum Als amal
        Please can you inform me when you are planing to come and for how long
        Looking to hear from you
        Best wishes


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